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Welcome to Our Family Raised Quail Farm

Welcome to the long awaited Green Wings Ranch! An exclusive, family farm supplying the highest quality quail eggs you will ever see. This is the next big launch in the health-conscious, clean market as the benefits of quail eggs for immune health become more and more recognized. At Green Wings Ranch, we breed top quality quail in a vast healthy environment. Our quails enjoy a delicious NON-GMO and 100% natural diet. I have devoted my life to providing the utmost healthy lifestyle for my family and children. This farm has been the epitome and center of our lives, so we turned our passion into reality.

At Green Wings Ranch we are committed to a healthier and happier life for you and your family.

Green Wings Ranch

It can be hard to find healthy natural eggs

Factory-farmed eggs are unhealthy and often contain harmful chemicals. Conventionally raised eggs come from chickens that live in cramped, dirty conditions and are fed an unnatural diet.

Green Wings Ranch is a family farm that raises free-range quail on rotated pastures. Our birds eat a natural diet of bugs, seeds, and plants, which makes for delicious and nutritious eggs.

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According to research studies, minerals, antioxidants, and polyunsaturated fats included in quail eggs assist with managing blood pressure and cholesterol. This could reduce the chance of cardiovascular illnesses like heart attacks and strokes and enhance blood vessel health. Quail eggs contain iron and B12, which can aid in preventing anemia, which can strain your heart’s ability to supply oxygen to the body’s tissues. Quail eggs are said to contain lysozyme, an enzyme that may have antimicrobial properties. This has led to the belief that quail eggs could potentially boost the immune system and help the body fight off infections.

In the current days, we are inclined to go to the nearest pharmacy and grab over-the-counter painkillers for any minor or major pain we are experiencing. This can be detrimental to living the long, nutritious, healthy life we all deserve because we are not aware of the long-term side effects medications/antibiotics cause in our bodies.

Fresh Quail Eggs

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Always Fresh and delicious

100% Natural